Excelsior Preschool

Meet the Team

Children possess a vast imagination, are active explorers, natural experimenters, and endless discoverers. We believe that children’s learning happens all the time and everywhere, therefore, we provide abundant opportunities for significant, engaging, play-based learning experiences in both the indoor and outdoor environments, and within our community.

Excelsior Leadership Team

Excelsior Preschool Gold River

I have been in the field of early child education for over 30 years. I have had chances to work in many areas of the field as a Teacher, Asst Director, Regional Manager, Recruitment Coordinator, and Quality Assurance. My love always comes back to directing and building a fantastic team of teachers. This field is a wonderous place to watch children grow and develop each day. They learn so much in the few years we spend with them. To see the growth each day of what they achieve is miraculous to me. I have opened many schools and rebuilt others. This is really the most important part of education for young children, being able to have a safe, clean, and educational environment that is there for the whole family, not just the child. I have earned my AA in business and my BA in Early Childhood Education Administration. I have had the privilege to attend many conferences nationwide and join classes that are taught by top leaders in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Excelsior Preschool Torrance

My name is Janel Martinez. I am the preschool director for Excelsior Preschool Torrance. I have served passionately in the Early Childhood Education Field for three decades. I studied Early Childhood Education at De Anza College and Business Administration at San Jose State University. My career highlights include developing innovative early childhood curriculum, multi-language learning environments, constructing outdoor classrooms, school-aged enrichment programs, recruitment, and professional development, and establishing developmentally appropriate programs. While living in the Bay Area, I served as an advocate for early childhood education in the United States, discussing issues surrounding early childhood education with state and US legislatures.